Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still Packing and Sorting

Why is it taking me so long to sort out my stuff and pack it? Well, I know I have to get rid of some of it and I hate to do that. PLUS its such a chore to sort the stuff out and pack it. BUT I finally made myself do one of the hated chores. I sorted out my machine tools. What happened was, I gave away some of my husbands tools and kept a fairly new tool box for myself. I decided to put my knitting tools in that tool box. So, I poured out all my machine tools onto a table and sorted them by machine, the Bond, the LK 150 and the Brother 970. Each machine has its own set of "stuff". I have been saving little plastic zipper cases that things come in, you know, the kind that maybe slippers or curtains or whatever come in. So I labeled the bags and put each machine's tools in a separate bag. Some things, though are for all the machines, weights, for example can be used on any machine. Clips, definitely for any machine. Ravel Cord once again, any machine. I also put all my scissors in one bag (I didn't know I had so many pair of scissors, where did they all come from? Did I buy a pair every time I needed one?

So, here's the result all nice and neat and the tool chest. If I can now just take out the bag for the machine I'm working on and then put the tools away when I'm finished, I will never again have to do this horrible chore. I highly recommend the tool box idea, the bonus is you get a tray in the top that has a handle, easily carries to the machine you are working with at the time.

I also when through every drawer, cabinet, the garage, etc and got out the tools I knew I'd want to take with me if I ever move and put them all together in a tub I forgot I had, sitting out on the back porch. Its perfect, it even holds the plastic case the drill came in and the plastic case the Dremmel came in. Room for more in this box but believe me, I don't see me buying more tools.

Next, I'm going through the tubs of fleece I bought for spinning. I haven't touched the spinning wheels in 2 years. I still want them but I sure don't need 8 or 10 big tubs of fleece. Probably 2 would be reasonable (although I can't see me getting rid of all but 2).

As I sit here and contemplate going back up to the loft to sort stuff, I think I know why its taken me so long to do it all. When I'm finished, it will sort of mark the end of me living in South Carolina and sort of saying goodby to my husband who I was married to for 48 years, and his family who I've grown to think of as my family. I know I don't have to say goodby to them but leaving this home is closing a chapter in my life. I know its necessary but it sure is hard.

Still, I'm looking forward to the next chapter and can't wait to start it. Mixed feelings? You bet!
Now, before you think I'm sad and, perhaps crazy, I'll close with a picture of my pretty azaleas and the hibiscus that has bloomed only twice so far this summer, today was the second time.
Hibiscus won't winter over at my house so every year I go buy myself a new one. I could take it in and it will survive the winter but I did that one year and decided it was a mess, its easier to buy a new one.
I don't know what kind of azalea this one is, its the last to bloom every year and its a short little bush that stays right down on the ground. Every year I find a branch under the mulch that has grown roots so I move it to a new place and now I have about 5 of these little bushes growing around the edges of my flower gardens.
And finally, the petunia's that are growing on the deck rail. Yes, that's my sweet little dog sitting there watching the world go by while I take pictures. He's sitting there watching the hummingbirds that are flitting around between the feeders.

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