Saturday, June 6, 2009

Knit A Nylon Twine Bags

A few years ago someone came up with a brilliant idea. She bought some nylon twine at a local hardware store and knitted it on her bulky machine. She started something. Lots of us thought it was so clever we ran out and bought twine and got creative making our bags. People decorated their bags, made different shapes, whatever, they were fun. Its great, its washable, its strong, in fact I have a full package of #15 twine sitting here waiting for me to make another one. According to the package, tensil strength is 117 lbs. (Tensile strength measures the force required to pull something such as rope, wire, or a structural beam to the point where it breaks --Britannica online encyclopedia--)
Imagine what you can throw in one of these bags with that sort of strength.

Nylon Twine is sold in hardware stores for mason lines, chalk lines, gardening, boating, etc. You can buy 1 lb 2.5 ozs of # 15 twine (1400 feet) for $8.25 (at least that’s what I paid for mine a couple years ago). Some hardware stores like Home Depot have smaller tubes of it in neon colors. You can buy a thinner twine #9 (2200 feet) for $16.41 on-line from fnt industries, they sell it for Rosary's but its the same nylon twine we used for our bags except they have #9 twine which is thinner than the # 15 I used but I notice they have a waiting period to ship. There are other places on line if you want to Google for it.

If you buy white twine you can dye it with Rit dye or koolaid. For directions to dye your twine go to
Scroll down for Kool Aid Dye or Microwave Dyeing. I prefer to dye the bag after its knitted. Make sure it rinses clear before you use it.

Be sure you line your bag if you want to put anything like a pen or keys in it, you don't want to lose something important that might fall out between the stitches.
Now, get creative and make yourself a bag. I gave mine away to my grandaughers but am seriously thinking of making myself a new one. Natalie made one for the beach using neon colors. It was huge and must have held towels and suits for the family.

I came across the notes I wrote when I made my bags so decided to share them here. These directions are for the 2 pictured above.

I used my LK 150 (6.5mm hobby machine) and #18 twine for my bags. (higher numbers would be thicker twine, #9 twine at fnt above would be thinner). The bags need to be lined if you want to put things like keys or pens in them or they’ll fall out through the stitches.

Yellow Flower Bag with # 18 Nylon Twine knitted with every other needle. The bag is 20” long and 8 ½” wide.

Cast on 60 stitches
knit 16 rows and hang your hem
Knit 3 rows white eyelash yarn
Knit 70 rows twine
Knit 3 rows white eyelash yarn
knitted 16 rows and hang the beginning of the 16 rows for a hem.
Decide how long your want the handles to be and twist 2 strands together. Sew the sides of the bag together, leaving an opening at the top of each side for the twisted handles, pull them through and tie each one in a knot to hold the twist.

Cherry Bag 17 ½” long and 9” wide
Using every needle
Cast on 39 stitches and knit 132 rows
Fold the top over for a flap (closure isn't necessary unless you want to use one for decorative effect.
Knit an I-Cord or twist the tie and sew it to each side
Dye the bag with Cherry Kool Aid.

If you have an embroidery machine, you can embroider on organza and sew to the front of the bag. Another option would be a free standing lace design sewn to the front.

Get creative, these are fun to make and go fast.

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