Monday, June 8, 2009

Walking Early This AM

This is a Guardian Gear Roadster stroller (just in case you are wondering) Its so easy to roll down the road I can steer it one-handed which I do when Biscuit decides to walk on his leash. OK, laugh if you want but Biscuit has decided he doesn't want to walk. He jumps around all excited when I tell him we're going and makes me carry him to the road, he refuses to even walk when we go out the door, and then when we get out to the road he refuses to move. I've wondered, did the pavement burn his feet? Does he have a foot problem? He sits there like a lump! I want to walk for my own health and he should walk for his health too but what can you do? So, I stick him in his stroller and we go down the road (actually faster than if he walked so that's ok). Look at the 2nd picture of him looking out the side, that's how we go down the road, he looks at the landscape, back and forth, as we plod along. Funniest thing, when we get to the place where I decide to turn around, he stands up as if to say, OK, I'm ready to walk, and I let him out. From that point to home, he runs all the way home. Now---its uphill. I'm not a young chick, I can't run up hills. So I have to halt him occasionally to get my breath. Isn't it the funniest thing. I pray for him to stop and relieve himself so I can rest a minute. I've been known to ask him, "Don't you have to go potty"?

Anyway, today we went for a 2 mile walk and I rode him down as usual in his stroller then he walked home. During one of our "stops" I noticed a rhododendron was starting to bloom so I picked one of the smaller blooms. According to a web site where I looked this up, they only grow in the wild in 2 counties in South Carolina, Pickens and Oconee. They're all over our road, this was the first busy I've noticed actually blooming though.
Then when I got home I decided to take a picture of the Hydrangea in my yard. This is only the second year this bush has bloomed since I "trimmed" it a few years ago. I figured it was never going to bloom again and told the landscaper to take it out when he cut down trees and leveled the ground but he told me no, leave it, it will bloom again some day. Well--as if it heard him, it did bloom that next summer, more beautiful than ever. That was last year and now its just started blooming again this year.
Later when both flowers are in full bloom I'll take another picture of the bushes. I just love summer in the mountains, every week something new blooms. AND the hummingbirds are having a blast. I should go out and picture of them, they are fighting over one of my feeders and I have 3 in the yard. When they start running each other off the one that flees, hides in the hydrangea bush right next to their feeder. When I went out and poured some new liquid in, one little guy almost sat on my hand he was so close, watching what I was doing to his feeder. WOW! Close up and personal that was!

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