Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost Moved In

Darn, I wish I would have taken a picture of the tile on the kitchen backsplash. It is a beige color but what I love it the occasional tile with a picture of a herb and its name on it. Perfect! I have an embroidery design pack with herbs and their names. As soon as the movers bring my embroidery machine I'm going to embroider a clock to put over the sink (no windows in the kitchen). Then I'm going to embroider myself some flower sack towels with herbs on them.

This weekend we went shopping at Home Depot. Got a nice new brushed nickel light fixture for the dining room (just off the kitchen) and a new ceiling fan that will go between dining room and living room. Got them up yesterday. They don't look all that spectacular yet but when the new stainless appliances I bought come they will be great since the kitchen and dining room are so close together. New fan and light are on the right.

There's really nothing wrong with the old fan, its nice but the new fan is the brushed nickel and we thought it would go better with the dining room light fixture.
The fan is replacing a dark fan in the sewing room since the sewing room is all white, I thought it would look super there, besides it has a remote that must have cost a few pennies, the old fan in sewing room doesn't. I'll put the old fan in the garage along with the tiffany lamp that left the dining room. Maybe some day Tiffany lamps will come back in style - or I think I remember the church I just joined is asking for items for a garage sale they are having, if they want big items I'll donate them.

Wednesday my new refrigerator is coming along with the microwave. The range and dishwasher won't be here until around the 16th darn it. Never cook anyway so range isn't any big deal but dishwasher would be nice to have. Once they all get in place I'll have new countertops put in but don't want to order them until the appliances are in place so that everything will fit nice and snug together. I've got a price on a countertop, granite with bits of blue and green and white in its depths, depending on which way you stand and how the light hits it. Would like to replace the 2 sinks and countertops in the 2 bathrooms too but that might have to wait until later.

Meanwhile, I ordered new carpeting for the 2 bedrooms. The lady had put in new carpet in the house except for the bedrooms. The store where I ordered it was super. I went in around 4:l5 in the afternoon and picked up 3 samples, ran them back to the house to check against the new carpeting that's in place in the rest of the house. Ran back to the store (all within about 15 minutes time) and the girl called the supplier to make sure they had enough based on measurements we had made earlier.
They did have enough of it so the girl ran to the back of the store and asked her boss if he could run measure the rooms with me quickly. We jumped in the car and drove back to the house, he measured. While I was on my way home the guy called, gave me a final price and told me they'd be there Thurs afternoon or Friday to install the carpet. How's that for service. All done within an hour. Now, that's my kind of store.

Meanwhile, cable company isn't doing so hot. They will install phone between 3 and 5 on Thursday and the TV cable between 5 and 7. ? They can't do it all at once? Apparently not. To beat all annoyances, they've called me at least 5 times on my cell phone when I'm in a store trying to buy something else...just to confirm I did order the doggone cable. I finally asked the girl if they were going to call me again, please don't, take my word for it, I DID ORDER IT.

So that's my saga for today. I'm going over to measure windows, there's 2 in the spare bedroom that have some sad pink blinds. I'm going to replace the pink (pepto-bismo) blinds with something thats a better color. Saw some interesting ones at Home Depot yesterday but think I'll go to Lowes and maybe Penny's today for another perspective. Can't let Home Depot have all my money.

I'll close with some cute pictures of Biscuit. My son Mike got him running around the yard the other night and managed to capture some cute pictures. When Biscuit starts running, he goes in circles and honestly, you'd think there's a G-Force the way his hair and ears fly..see what you think.

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jpirkle said...

I love the pictures of Biscuit running like the wind. It looks like he is really enjoying the move so far. Your place will be done and able to move in very quickly now. I thought you were in already. Good luck with all these updates.