Monday, August 17, 2009

The Courtyard

Yesterday we drove by the condo to show my grandaughters the potential new home for g'ma. They took pictures of the little courtyard for me. Each house has its own fenced in courtyard that you can decorate any way you wish.

This is where you come in from the street to get to the front door.

This is the front corner, which I'll see from the living room and front porch. There's a brick wall in the front of it which has an iron gate.

So yes there's some work to be done. I want to get some flagstone pavers to make a small patio for myself. Also some edgers and more pavers to make a walk from front to back so I don't have to walk to the back through damp grass. Other than that, I'll probably wait till spring to do too much since we all know what happens here in the winter....SNOW!

I do like the idea that I won't have to shovel and mow and do all the work outside that I've had to do the last couple years but there'll be a little bit to do of course, enough to keep myself busy but not so much I won't have time to knit and weave and all the things I prefer to do.

1 comment:

Donna Guy said...

This looks like a place anyone would be happy in.
The craft room is a big extra.
Hope you get it.