Monday, November 2, 2009

1 Hour Felt Hat

Materials: 1 4-ounce skein US Worsted Weight Wool
Suggested gauge on skein pkg 17st/21 rws = 4 inches
I used Shepherd’s Wool from

Machine: LK 150 mid-gauge
Tension: Highest tension on the machine and antenna tension set at the highest

With waste yarn cast on 100 stitches and hang cast on comb and weights (we want this heavy to help make big open stitches). Knit about 5 rows, end with carriage on the left.
Knit 1 row ravel cord.

E-wrap over ravel cord with main yarn (2 stitches on needles).
Knit 56 rows.

Begin Decrease Rows
*Transfer every 3rd stitch to the stitch next to it (right or left doesn’t matter but continue the same direction all the way across). Push empty needles out of work.
Knit around 4 or 5 rows waste yarn. Remove weights and cast on comb and take work off the machine (or use a garter bar but beware, these stitches are very loose and you can lose them easily).*

Rehang the stitches on 67 needles. (check to make sure you have 2 stitches on every other needle.
Replace cast on comb and weights (important to keep the weight on the hat while knitting). Knit 3 rows then repeat decreases *-*
Rehang the stitches on 45 needles.

Repeat from * to *
Rehang stitches on 31 needles.

Repeat from * to *
Rehang stitches on 16 needles

Knit 2 rows then
Transfer EVERY OTHER stitch to the needle next to it.
Rehang stitches and knit 2 rows.

Cut thread long enough to run through the open stitches with tapestry needle or double eye needle and mattress stitch the seam. Weave any ends you may have.

Put the hat in a pillowcase to keep the fuzzies out of your washing machine and tie the top shut or use a lingerie bag if it has small holes. Using just hot water (turn off the cold water tap) Add just a smidgeon of soap and run the washer through the wash cycle. Stop it and check the hat. It probably will need to go through the wash cycle again, reset the washer and when its half way through the second cycle check it. Try it on. If it fits you the way you want it to fit, it’s done. If it could shrink some more, continue with the cycle. Beware, it can felt very quickly at this point and suddenly it will fit your favorite teddy.

Once the hat is the size you want, wring dry and shape it the way you want it to look when finished and place it over a bowl or similar object to help hold its shape while it dries. Set it aside on the bowl to dry. Decorate with beads or chain or ribbon if you wish. Another idea is to needle felt a flower on it or wear it just as it is.