Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finally I have a knitting room

So what happened to the sewing room? Well, its a mess or I'd show you...its strictly for sewing, there's too many built in cabinets and things to make room for a knitting machine so I took over the extra bedroom for knitting. The room was soooo dark. It had a dull green paint on the walls, mauve-purple colored shades on the windows and absolutely no lights in the entire room, not even a ceiling light. I had my son put up some white blinds in the room and tossed the hideous purple things. I gave the kids the futon for their basement where they have a huge bedroom for guests. Then I emptied the room and the closets of the stuff I had packed in there waiting for someplace to go.. and had a painter come in and paint the room an off-white semi-gloss. Already it looked better. Then yesterday I went shopping for lights. I got myself a floor lamp that has 3 positional halogen lights on it. I positioned the KH 970 between the 2 windows. I don't like to be facing the windows when I knit because that makes it way too bright for me so I figured between would be better. The Halogen can be moved to sit behind me which is where I like my work light. I can always move it closer or whatever. I had some bookcases and a couple 2-drawer file cabinets so am using the file cabinets for lamp holders and of course the overflow of tools when I'm knitting. I put all the knitting accessories like color changers,etc in the closet. One whole wall of the room is closets so that's handy for storage.
Here's pictures of the work space I hope I can keep it looking as good as it looks now but we all know what happens when we get busy. One nice thing, the sewing room is handy when I need it for my knits and the ironing board is right across the hall from the knitting room. (steamer doesn't seem to have a space yet, I've stashed it in the master bedroom for now).

I should mention, the pictures go from 1. entering the room and looking to the right, 2. straight ahead from the door on the left and 3. on the left, the first closet.

Its not a very big room but looks like it will be fine for knitting. I have all my books arranged in the bookcases. Spinning, Weaving, Machine Knitting and Hand Knitting. I also have books stashed in the closet in order as well, hopefully I'll keep them in order.

Room done! Yaaay. I want to make a couple clocks, one for the sewing room and one for the knitting room (with my embroidery room) but have a couple other projects I have to do first. To begin with, I owe a friend a dozen washcloths and that's first on the list (as soon as I find the 16/2 cotton--I think its still in the garage.

Then I have curtains to iron and get up in the dining room which was also painted in this flurry to ginish and chill out for the winter.

Bought myself a Wii because I am absolutely terrified of driving in the snow after all the years of not driving so I don't want to push it by having to drive to a gym every other day...Wii has 3 or 4 excellent workout "games" and I got myself one of just moving around with the other games ought to be fun and good for an old lady

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Lynne said...

The room looks great Roz. I hope you have a lot of fun in there.