Monday, April 28, 2008

KnitPicks Sampler

Yaaay, my KnitPicks sampler came today. 6 balls of yarn and 4 free patterns to try out the yarn. I ordered their Georgian Sampler because I felt like it was Spring colors although I was tempted with the Winter colors too. Here's what I got: Crayon, light blue; Shine Worsted, Cream Brulee(gold); Cotlin, Kohlrabi (green); Shine Sport, Cream; Main Line, Butter Pecan; Comfy, Flamingo.

I have wanted to try their Cotlin for a while now and the Shine Sport (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Model (what's Model?)..anyway it looks like I'm going to like it actually better than the Shine worsted. Got 4 free patterns with them to try, I like the lace cap but not sure about the Morning Glory purse. Ruffled Wristwarmers would be fun to wear to the Mill. I felt like this was a pretty good bargain for $14.99, the total with shipping was $17-something.

I also got a newsletter today from Debbie Macomber, my favorite author at present. (visit Debbie at She writes stories that often include knitting. Her latest book is Twenty Wishes, and its all about Blossom Street. The stories about Blossom Street revolve around a knit shop. Oh gosh, this book sounds good, the women could be me. Its about 4 widows of varying ages who form an informal support group. They decide to compile list of Twenty Wishes--things they've always wanted to do but never did. Doggone it, I wish I could meet 4 widows who would do that. She sent a knit pattern for a shawl with the newsletter and a coupon for $2.00 off the book. Would you believe she started the newsletter with "Dear Friends and Fellow Yarn Lovers... (no wonder I love this author).

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Miki & Dale said...

Next time you visit, we'll go to the "real" Blossom Street yarn shop. It's actually near the Weaver Works store, so I know you want to visit it!