Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Biscuit needs a jacket

Poor Biscuit, I had his hair trimmed short because it was hot out and it turned cold again. Yesterday I found a cute doggie vest pattern so printed it out but in the afternoon it warmed up and we went out in the yard, it was fine out there. Today is another story. The wind is chilly. Poor guy needed that jacket. So this morning I went ahead and sewed it up. I think its cute but it is almost too small.

I couldn't find my velcro because it was packed in one of the many boxes in the loft. So I ended up finding the black strips and used them but really I need to get some of those nice little round white velcro button-things. Couldn't find the foot pedal for the sewing machine. After all that was found, I did the embroidery on the outer layer and then had to take the poor dog out without his vest because he hadn't been outside yet.

I fed him lunch, had my lunch, took him for a walk and then came back in to work on the vest. Its lined with polar fleece, probably about 200 weight (you know, the stuff they make baby blankets out of) The outer layer is fluffier polar fleece, at least 300 weight. It didn't really have to be lined and I thought about getting out the serger and doing a blanket stitch edge around it. I still want to do that but maybe next time. I just didn't feel like digging out the serger, looking for the manual in case I had to rethread it--this moving is for the birds.

After all that, I tried his vest on and it fits but could be a big larger so I'm going to make myself another pattern and throw out the original. I really wanted to make it out of sewer paper first just to make sure it fit but I couldn't find that either.

The design is from a set called Ole Shep from Elizabeth's Embroidery Actually there was supposed to be gray and more black in the design but but Maltese are white so Biscuit's design had to be mainly white with creamy white shadows and a very light gray. I love these dog designs.
The vest pattern came from Have a look at the web site, the sample they put on their dog was really cute, they used a red plaid wool. I might have to do that when I move to Wisconsin and poor Biscuit thinks we went to the North Pole. It will have to be longer for him there too. In fact, I could probably knit a piece of fabric and felt it, then cut it to the pattern shape and I'm thinking that would make a super little coat for him. How I wish my stuff wasn't all packed up!!!

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Miki & Dale said...

Angus needs one too!