Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Memory

My husband was finally placed in his final resting place Friday. He was thrilled when he heard there was to be a new State Veterans Cemetery near his home town. Building was started before he passed away but the official opening wasn't until December, 2007.
He was placed in the columbarium which took another 6 months to complete but it is finally ready. When I drove up to the cemetery I noticed the flags were at half mast. The director told me that the flags are placed at half mast all day whenever someone will be buried there. That was a nice honor that I appreciated. After I got home and looked at my pictures I wondered what the 3rd flag was. The first of course was the US Flag and the second was the South Carolina Flag but what was the third? After investigating all over the internet this morning I finally figured it out, its the POW/MIA flag and under the picture it says
"You Are Not Forgotten" . Very appropriate.
The very first cemetery to honor the nations soldiers was planned in 1862 when Congress enacted legislation to build one. Now, more than 3 million Americans, including veterans of every war and conflict—from the Revolutionary War to the present war—are honored by burial in the national cemeteries. Approximately 17,000 acres of land from Hawaii to Maine, and from Alaska to Puerto Rico are devoted to the memorialization of those who served this nation. More than 300 recipients of the Medal of Honor are buried in VA's national cemeteries. Today, more than 24 million veterans and Reservists and National Guard members with 20 years qualifying service (who are entitled to retired pay or would be entitled, if at least 60 years of age), have earned the honor of burial in a national cemetery. Its an honor and I'm proud my husband wanted to be part of it.

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Nancy P. said...

How wonderful! There can never be enough honors to thank our veterans for their service and the sacrifices of their families.