Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Squares are Finished--well almost

I've finished 25 squares, mine measure 5" each and they're supposed to measure 6" each. The total blanket should measure around 31" when finished so apparently they didn't do anything around the squares to put them together, directions say, " Crochet Motifs tog as shown in Diagram" and the diagram shows the colors: A, B, C. Other than that, it says that you do an edging of 2 rows of sc all the way around. So that's where they get the extra 1". I've decided I'm going to attempt to do the Flat Braid join which will give the squares some width and then I'll finish with whatever I have to do to make it 31" because I do believe a 31" baby blanket is a nice size blanket, 26" isn't. I guess its possible when I block the squares I'll get a little more width and length too but probably not much because this is an acrylic and I don't want to kill the stuff. I did notice that Bernat Softee Baby yarn isn't all the same, the 2 blues are shiny and soft and I had to watch I didn't split the yarn as I worked with it and the white is more cotton-looking and feeling and there was no problem at all working with it. Oh well, nearly done, I'm anxious now to finish it.


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Roz said...

Please do leave your suggestions, so far I've decided a couple rows of single crochet around each individual square will made them wider so that's what I plan on doing today. Then I'm still open for suggestions although unless something better comes along I think I'll do the Flat Braid Trim. In the end if its still not 31" I'm going to put a scallop edge on it if I can find one that I like and can do.