Friday, November 14, 2008

I spent all afternoon finishing a sweater I've been working on on the LK 150 mid gauge. I wanted to make a size 3 sweater using Natalie's pattern but Natalie had written the pattern for her standard gauge machine. I don't want to dig out my standard machine because it's packed and ready to move so got some "Baby Bee" yarn from Hobby Lobby, its called Sweet Delight Prints, color is Kitty. I got 2 4-oz balls of it and hoped that would make the sweater. Well, as you can see, it not only made the sweater, it made a hat and I had enough left for a Pom Pom. This is for my great grandaughter, Jada. By the way, I suspect this yarn could be knitted on a standard gauge machine, my gauge was 6.33 sts, 10.7 rows per inch.
...Natalie's pattern is at, click on What's Natalie Doing Now and scroll down just a little...
Next on my list is a Baby Surprise in a size 12 mos for Jada's new brother. I bought the most wonderful yarn for it, its Bernat Baby Jacquard in blues and greens. I'm hoping to match the stripes on each side of the sweater so we'll see. First though I have to work on charting it for a 12 mo size.

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