Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lion Brand Ruffles "Yarn"

Honestly, after I received my kit for Lion Brand 's Knit Elegant Scarf, I realized, we could make this yarn on our machines. (trust me, I'm not making any at this late date, I'd rather just knit with it). Its interesting stuff. It looks like very thin yarn knitted on a small gauge knitting machine at the highest tension. Probably no more than 20 rows and it rolls (as knits do of course). The content is 50% Merino, 50% Acrylic. Its soft and great to knit with. What you do is thread your right hand knitting needle through the back side of the yarn, however many stitches you want to knit, that's casting on. To knit a row, you first put your RH needle through the stitch on the LH needle and then thread 1 stitch from Ruffles, then knit. I'm at row 3 which is a purl row with Ruffles so am going back to watch the video to make sure I know exactly how to do a purl stitch, I think I just thread the yarn as I did on the knit row but need to make sure. No matter--what you create, is "ruffles". I bought the kit which contains 2 balls of Ruffles and 1 ball of Lion Brand Cashmere (72% Merino, 14% Cashmere, 14% nylon). I'm going to make a scarf for myself and I've ordered 2 more kits, I'm going to make another one for my friend who lives in Spokane, and one for the girl who delivers my mail...guess I'll get 3, one for our postmistress as well. If there was time before Christmas I'd get 5 more but hey, lets be realistic, I really want to send out Christmas cards and do some other things as well, I can't sit around and watch TV while I knit when I don't have enough time to do everything. But scarf Santa's Cookies

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