Monday, January 14, 2008

Easy Summer Shell

I just posted an easy oversized cardigan pattern that was pretty much charted the same way this one is and as a matter of fact, I made this shell to go with that cardigan

Done with a Garter Carriage (if desired) This can be done with any machine (any carriage) and any pattern.
Make a swatch with desired pattern and carriage


Draw a rectangle and put in the following markings:
1. Measure your chest and add 3" Divide this number by half and put the answer at the bottom of your rectangle.

2. Measure your favorite garment from bottom of shell to underarm--
Put that answer along the right edge of the rectangle. Draw an X up about 3/4 of the way to the top. This is armhole marker.

3. Measure favorite garment from underarm to top of shoulder. Put that total above the X on the right edge of rectangle.

Now measure your swatch.
A: ______ number of stitches per inch
B: ______number of rows per inch
1. Multiply 1 X A and put that number in at bottom of rectangle as ___stitches
2. Multiply 2 X B and put that number in at bottom under the X as ___rows
3. Multiply B X 3 inches and put that number in at the neckline
4. Multiply 3 X B and put that number in at the top (above X) as ____rows

Divide the top into 3 and put 60 stitches in the center section....divide the remainder by 2 and put that on each side, that's the # of stitches you have for shoulder.

With garter carriage tension set 2 numbers below garment tension, Cast on #1 (from worksheet) and knit 20 rows in 1 x 1 rib.
Don't change row count, Change carriage to garment tension and knit in desired pattern to #2 on worksheet.. Stop and mark your edges with a piece of waste yarn. Change row count back to 0.Knit straight on up in pattern to # 3 in worksheet. Stop and mark the center 3 stitches with waste yarn. Continue on up to # 4.
Take off machine with waste yarn in 3 sections with 60 stitches in the center and the remainder on each edge.

Make another piece exactly like the first but it's not necessary to mark # 3. (cut and sew, we will only cut the front).

Hang 1 side together at the shoulder by hanging first piece with right side facing you and second piece with wrong side facing you (so the 2 right sides are facing each other on the machine.
Latch tool bind off around 1 gate peg.

Hang entire armhole on the machine from marker to marker--evenly spaces so that the shoulder seam is at 0 making sure you have same # of needles on both sides. K 1 row with regular carriage and then put garter carriage on and knit ribbing for 10 rows. Back Stitch Bind off:
To back stitch bind off, end with carriage on the left. Break yarn about 2 1/2 X width of work.
Thread tapestry needle and insert through the 2nd stitch from left and back out the 1st stitch. Take 1st stitch off machine. Insert through 2nd stitch from left and back out 1st, remove 1st from machine. Continue across. You can leave the front neck as it is and call it a boat neck (it will roll a little which is OK) or

With a piece of paper, Draw a half circle from the 2 neck edges down to the markers you placed in # 3 above.Cut this half circle out and use it to either baste a neckline on your sweater using garment yarn and very large basting
stitches or use a quilters disappearing pen or chalk. (don't use a contrast color thread, it will always show and you won't be able to get it out if you sew over it).
With straight stitch sewing machine, sew a line along the basting mark being careful not to stretch.
If you have zig-zag capabilities, sew a zig-zag line right over the first line
With straight stitch sewing machine, sew another line right next to the zig-zag, doesn't matter if you go over it just a little...
Cut the neckline out a little ways away from the sewing line but don't leave a lot. DO leaving all the sewing stitches on the garment.
Hold the neck edge up to the knitting machine DON'T STRETCH and sort of hang it gently on the gate pegs so see how many stitches you need for your neckband.
1. Cast on and knit 24 rows of ribbing at 2 numbers below garment tension.
Take off machine on scrap yarn or use garter bar if you are comfortable with it.
2. With right side of garment facing you, hang neck opening on the same needles picking up just below the stitched line.
3. Bring all needles into hold position. Push neck behind latches against the machine bed.
4. Hang ribbing back on the same needles, keeping rib stitches IN the latches. (now work is behind latches, ribbing is in latches. Put some weights on the ribbing to help hold it down.
4. Close all latches using your ruler or a piece of paper or credit card. With garter bar or ruler gently push needles back through the neckline making sure latches stay closed.
5. Hang a hem from the ribbing cast on edge on the same needles, picking up your e-wrap and hang 1 stitch on each needle.
6. Latch Tool Bind off around 2 gate pegs
Hang second shoulder and latch tool bind off around 1 gate peg. Complete second armhole ribbing.
Sew up side seams.

Feel free to make copies of this page for your personal use or for use in classes .
The following copyright notice must appear on all copies
Copyright © Rosalind Porter, Piney Mountain 1997- 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this worksheet. I am a starting machine knitter and want to make an easy project and a sleeveless shell is what I was thinking but couldn't find a pattern for a plain one. This is the answer! Again, thank you!