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Print this page out, you can use it as a worksheet and as your pattern.
Figuring your own sock pattern is so liberating. Now you can look at a pair of socks in a store or magazine and knit your own, using a worksheet! YIPEE!

PART 1: Measuring

NOTE if you are knitting a knee length sock you need to decrease evenly so that the sock will fit up on the calf as well as around the ankle. If you are knitting a regular crew or ankle length sock you won't need to figure decreases, just measure your ankle and cast on accordingly. If you are knitting a fairisle pattern, don't forget to turn it upside down.

Get out your paper and pencil and calculator:

1. Make a swatch and measure for stitches (spi) and rows (rpi) per inch
spi=_______rpi =_______
2. Measure width of ankle _________inches x spi = ______
3. Measure width of top of sock (where you want sock to end) _________inches x spi =______
4. Figure out how many inches you want the top rib or hem to be ____inches
5. Measure length of top of sock to ankle in inches less desired hem _____inches x rpi =_____
6. Measure length of foot on bottom of foot, subtract 4" for heel and toe _____inches x rpi _____


RC 00 Cast on __________STS (# 3 above) Knit or rib your hem
For Knee Length socks, figure your decreases now. Formula is:
a: # 3 minus # 2. (#3 spi - #2 spi) = _______.
b: Figure Rows per inch x # 5 above = _______.
c: Divide b by a ____ = decrease rows i.e. if your answer is 4, you decrease each side every 4 rows until you are down to desired ankle stitches ( # 2 above).
Sometimes it's going to be necessary to refigure this, for instance, I needed to decrease 45 stitches in 63 rows for a short/fitted sock. According to the formula, I should decrease 2 stitches every 3 rows but when I finished I had only decreased 42 stitches, I needed to add a couple "every other rows" in that decrease formula to make it come out).

RC 00 Knit in desired pattern to RC _________ (# 5 above)--following decreases as above if necessary
RC 00 Short row for heel: You want to short row 2" for an adult heel, # 1 rpi x 2= ____________rows to shortrow
i.e. if you have 7 stitches per inch, you would shortrow 14 rows down and 14 rows back up as follows:
Carriage on right push in hold buttons. Pull all needles left of 0 to Hold position. Pull 1 needle next to carriage to hold position and knit acrossContinue pulling 1 needle next to carriage to hold position for 14 rows (or # of rows to = 2 inches).
Reverse shortrow by pushing 1 needle opposite carriage back into work, wrap 1st stitch on carriage side and knit across.
Continue pushing 1 needle opposite carriage back into work and wraping the 1st stich on carriage side until all needles are back in work.

RC 00 Knit ___________ rows (#6 above)
Short row toe same as heel (2") __________rows.

NOTE: If you want the seam to end on top of the toe, shortrow toe on same side you did the heel. If you want the seam under the toe, shortrow the toe on the opposite side of the heel. i.e. you shortrowed the heel on the right. Shortrow the toe on the right for seam on top or knit 1 extra row so that carriage will be on opposite side so toe will be shortrowed on opposite side of sock.

Knit 1 row across all stitches. Divide stitches in half and take each side off separately on ravel cord and waste yarn, fold in half and kitchener stitch seam.

NOTE: If you want to fold your ribbing down, be sure to mattress stitch on the wrong side half way down the ribbing, then turn to the right side and finish the seam.

ps....see note about decreasing above. The worksheet figures straight line decreases

Make yourself a spread sheet file or get a notebook to help you chart socks. Included my worksheet below to show you how I did mine

Width of ankle in inches 9
w of top in inches 15
L of top to ankle in inches 9

L heel to toe in inches 6


RC 0 cast on 105 stitches

Knit to RC 90

Desired sts at ankle 63 sts

Dec 42 sts or 21 each side to 63 sts then continue knitting to RC 90

Dec formula
dec every 4 rows to R 90

Short Row Heel
14 rows of shortrowing

Reverse short row back until all stitches are back in work

Work to toe 60 rows

Short roe toe as heel

Reverse short row back as for heel
Knit 1 row across

Divide the work in half and take each side off on waste separately
Fold in half and Kitchener toe, mattress stitch seam
side seam

Make second sock exactly same only complete shortrowing on opposite side so
seam will be on the inside

I hope this page will help you figure your own socks Roz Porter, Piney Mountain Cottage

This page is my little invention with some help from friends. Feel free to use it and even pass it along to your friends if you wish but be sure to mention where you got it. Thank you!

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kristina said...

Thank you so much for this! I just converted it for circular knitting and made myself perfect over-the-knee socks!