Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Fail Calculating your Sweater Sleeve Length

My formula will work no matter what style you are making. This isn't actually MY formula, it came from Pat Wetzel and it was so perfect I never forgot it......
1. You are making a sweater. You measure 31" from middle of back to end of cuff on a long sleeve sweater.
2. You personally measure 7 inches from middle of back to edge of shoulder and arm is 24 inches from that same edge of shoulder to cuff. (total 31)
3. You make a drop shoulder sweater that is 10 inches wide, middle of back to shoulder. (that's 3" wider than your shoulder)
4. You subtract 10 from your total of 31 (total length you need from middle of back) You would make your sleeve 21 inches. (in spite of the fact that your arm measures 24")

Does that make sense?EXAMPLES:Let's say you are making a short sleeve drop shoulder sweater.
You measure 7" from middle of back to shoulder.
You want the short sleeve to come down 7" from that same point at the shoulder.
Your sweater measure 10" from middle of back to edge.
If you make a 7" sleeve and put it on a 10" body, you'll be going down 17 inches which is too long.......your total length from middle of back to 7" down to where you want the sleeve to end is only 14" so you make the body which is 10" subtract 7 from 10, you need to make the sleeve 4" long.
If you make a set in sleeve: You measure 15" shoulder to shoulder ---or 7" middle of back to edge.

You want a long sleeve and measure 31" total (middle of back to bottom of arm).
Since your sweater body is made to fit 15"--it will measure 7" from middle to edge.
Now you need a longer sleeve--so make it 7 minus 31 or 24"
If you make a modified drop shoulder and it's 10" wide but you took off 2" at each edge for the modified drop.
You now have 8" middle of back to edge Make the sleeve 31" minus 8" or 23" It works!!!

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